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Maribor is known for its wine-growing industry that surrounds the town and its endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. In Maribor you can see the Stara trta, or the world’s oldest vine, dating back over 450 years. Hold out the wine tour with a trip to the popular Old Vine House and the huge Vinag Wine Cellar.


Koper is a lesser-known destination, yet with several enjoyable attractions. Touring Tito Square, the center of the city, exploring the restored Praetorian Palace or scaling Campanile’s bell tower for stunning views of the city below. The Koper Marina beach has free public access which is ideal for swimming or just having a picnic in the sunshine.

Kranjska Gora

In the resort of Vitranc, Kranjska Gora is busy with visitors who ski and snowboard, taking advantage of the frequent snowfall and steep trails. Summer is just as attractive though, thanks to challenging hikes and the chance to rent mountain bikes in the area.Even if you’re not outdoor sports, Kranjska Gora is a beautiful place to eat, eat in luxury hotels and dine in world-class restaurants that draw travelers from all over the world.


The best way to spend a day in Celje is to walk through Old Celje, the historic city center where buildings date back to medieval times and you can walk along paved roads, dine in traditional restaurants and admire the city’s traditional architecture.